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Sherson Lian is a home trained cook. His family has been in the food business  for the past 15 years. With a humble start to save his family financially from the 1997 economic crisis, Sherson got started in the business aspect at a very young age. He has been working in the family business ever since he left school. He credited growing up around food for as long as he can remember and this eventually made him fall in love with the kitchen. Now, Sherson is a host/cook  “5 Rencah 5 Rasa” going on season 13 & 14. He also hosts  for “The Amazing Food Challenge: Fun in the Philippines” season 1 & 2. He was also featured as one of the underdog chef in the award winning show called “Great Dinners of the World”.  Aside from doing shows, Sherson was selected as the ambassador for “Belling” (UK cooker brand) , “Morphy Richards” (kitchen appliance brand), “Verra Kitchen (kitchen cabinet brand) , “Ambient Lounge” (UK bean bag brand) and “Pharmaton” (supplements).  In the near future, he is planning to come up with his own food truck. He thinks its an amazing idea and great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and experience in food, and definitely another fun way to celebrate food. Let’s checkout our interview with Sherson Lian which was featured in Moto Magazine issue #10.

How did you first got hooked on riding bikes?
I remember when I was in my early teens I would curi curi take the map chai that we used to have in the house and go to the cyber cafe. I think that was when I really discovered the beauty of ridding. I mean its just a map chai but the spirit of freedom, the wind you feel on your face and i feel more connected to nature when i ride the bike.

Do you remember your first dream bike? Any interesting experience with it later in life?
I’ve always been very fond of the Harley. I mean as cliche as this may sound but the roar of the Harley is just legendary!!  I’m riding one now! A Nightster 1200 Sportster that we played around with, which actually won Art Of Speed Best Custom Harley. So thats pretty cool!

What was your first bike? Why this particular bike?
My first big bike was the Vulcan 500. I remember I needed a bike to beat traffic as I was staying in Kajang at that time and doing a short training program in KL town. Well it was a good excuse to tell my dad and get his permission of course. We were looking for something within a budget of 7-8k. My dad wanted to get a scooter i said NOOOOO!!!! then we found this Vulcan 500 for sale second hand; I grabbed it immediately!

What’s your dream bike now?
Now I think I don’t have one but maybe a few!!! Like I’d definitely want to own a Street Glide!! And then also a BMW GS! I really think the GS is the ultimate ridding machine!!

Why do you think there seems to be a growing interest in the bike scene recently?
Of course now with the recond bikes, its definitely become more affordable. And many people are taking advantage of it. I’m one of them!! And we’re located geographically in a ridding haven. We can cross country with bikes which is so much fun, or just ride for breakfast and enjoy our beautiful nature going up Ulu Yam, Janda Baik, and many more beautiful places. So why not ride, as people can afford more at younger ages, and its become a cool lifestyle to own and ride a bike. Of course movies play a big role of influencing our ridding culture. And definitely beating the bloody KL TRAFFIC!!


Why do you ride? More as a hobby or purely as a mode of transportation?
I ride because I love it. As mentioned earlier, it gives me this spirit of freedom that nothing else gives me. When I’m on my bike everything just fade away – work, problems, and everything I hate thinking about!!

Do you enjoy going on road trips? What’s your best and worst road trip experience?
Definitely do love road trips. I love all my trips, can’t really name a particular trip. But I do remember very clearly one of my trips back from Thailand was, the moment we crossed the boarder it just rained, all the way back to Damansara!!! That was punishing.

Nowadays, would a biker stand a fair chance in attracting the fairer opposite sex or owning an expensive car still trumps all?
Hahahahahahahahhaha well, funny you should ask. The punch line for the seller of my first bike the Vulcan said ” Bro, this is a chick magnet” me being young and naive, was dead certain I could get any girl I want!! Hah but of course that didn’t work out. You know I don’t really know how to answer your question, but of course I will be bias to say that  biker will always look cooler than a guy driving a sports car. Ridding especially a custom bike is more than just ridding a vehicle. Its the soul in it that gives it character and is what attracts.

Describe your bike. What direction were you going for when customizing it with Beautiful Machine?
I wanted something, that looked fierce and slick, something unique that its catchy but yet not over doing it. I call it “Rude Boy”. you’ll have to hear it pulling up then you’d understand why the name.


Have you ever picked up the ladies with the help of your bike? Are Harley motorcycles a chick magnet?
Hahahah, well it definitely gets looked at and gets the conversation going. Where it goes to depends on other factors!!!

What’s your gripe with leather riding jackets? So what do you use for an alternative?
If we were in a cold country I would love it, because in fact I really do like leather jackets. But its just too damn hot bro. I had one before, using it after awhile, I left it hanging. There are many other jackets of other materials besides leather, like canvas, or mesh and others. Those are more suitable for our climate because they’re not as thick and have a lot of ventilations .

Describe your style when you go out riding.
For me it’s T-shirt and jeans man. Nice looking helmet, brown gloves, and nice pair of boots. I’m not into the whole chains hanging, vest etc. For me the bike speaks more.

What’s the worst thing about bike riding in Malaysia?
Especially for the Harley are the waits at traffic lights!! It burns!!! and also the unpredictable rain!!

What would you like to see more of in Malaysia’s riding scene?
I would definitely love to see more biking events where it brings people together, ideas, inspires for better design and also promoting a healthy ridding culture.

Your social media details please. FB, Twitter, instagram etc.
FaceBook – Shers
Insta – shersonlian
tweeter – sherson lian

Sherson Lian wears Deus Ex Machina T-shirt (RM165), Roland Sands Jacket (RM2,599) and 1971 Helmet by HEDON (RM2,200). All products are exclusively available at Riders Garage, Subang Jaya.



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