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The KL Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2014 official video is so beautiful, it makes you proud to be Malaysian

We’ve seen many of the videos published after this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride from around the world.  But frankly nothing, we mean nothing  – comes close to this video filmed and edited by blackcollars studio with Sam Nazir Stonemortar and crew. In fact, it was so fantastic, that it even got a shout out from DGR founder, Mark Hawwa. Continue reading

‘Merempit’ in Merapi

MatMoto_Merempit at Merapi 07

About 30km away from central Jogjakarta lies the magnificent Mt. Merapi, an active volcano that last erupted in 2010 in a violent series of eruptions that lasted from late October to early December. The Government was forced to evacuate 350,000 people. Unfortunately, a total of 353 souls perished in the incident.  Continue reading