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The KL Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2014 official video is so beautiful, it makes you proud to be Malaysian

We’ve seen many of the videos published after this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride from around the world.  But frankly nothing, we mean nothing  – comes close to this video filmed and edited by blackcollars studio with Sam Nazir Stonemortar and crew. In fact, it was so fantastic, that it even got a shout out from DGR founder, Mark Hawwa. Continue reading

LSM Suzi GS550 Tracker


The Suzuki GS550 is a popular choice for a lot of bikers building cafe racers and trackers in Malaysia. There was once a time when a good condition GS550 could be had for just RM4,000. Today, with demand skyrocketing for these rare bikes, a knocked up ‘running condition’ example can fetch up to RM15,000. Continue reading

Kawasaki Vulcan S: Cruiser style for below RM30,000


Launched at the same event as the H2 and H2R, the Kawasaki Vulcan S was somewhat eclipsed by the sheer techno-wizardry of Kawasaki’s flagship motorcycles. However, a close look at the price tag – below RM30,000 reveals that this is going to be the motorcycle most Malaysians will end up having in their garage. Continue reading