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In search of the real Malaysian Cafe Racer

IMG_0796 (Large)

With all the buzz about cafe racers in Malaysia, MATmoto sat down with a group of long time enthusiasts to define what exactly the word ‘Cafe Racer” means here. The venue was Pulp in Bangsar. Dressed in their leathers and arriving on their fabulous machines, they turned more than a few heads. After a round of drinks, the guys took off their leathers, loosened up – and told us all about the scene in Malaysia. Continue reading

LSM Suzi GS550 Tracker


The Suzuki GS550 is a popular choice for a lot of bikers building cafe racers and trackers in Malaysia. There was once a time when a good condition GS550 could be had for just RM4,000. Today, with demand skyrocketing for these rare bikes, a knocked up ‘running condition’ example can fetch up to RM15,000. Continue reading

The Major and the old Z1000


Major Anuar Kamaruddin found the love of his life in Sungai Petani in 1986. He was an army officer at the Butterworth Air Force Base, serving with the five nation integrated air defence HQ. On one of his off days, he was riding to a friend’s place in Sungai Petani when he saw her – sitting beautifully in a shophouse in the dusty rural enclave. It was love at first sight. Continue reading