Naza Premira launched the new Vespa Primavera today.  The little Vespa traces it lineage all the way back to 1968, when it was first introduced as the Primavera 125. The new design is a modern interpretation of the classic and seems to carry a little bit of the Vespa 946 Bellissima DNA. This original Primera of the 1960s was a giant step in design at the time – with a more powerful 125cc engine that raised its top speed by 10km/h. It soon gained a reputation for being a very durable engine as well.

Vespa 125 Primavera ET3, 1976

The new Primavera also carries some new innovations designed to make it faster, safer and more fuel efficient. First off is an air-cooled four stroke engine with three valves and electronic fuel injection, new bore and stroke and friction reducing crankshafts. The engine is mounted with double position arms (instead of one arm as previously) and rubber absorption dampers which are said to reduce vibration by 40%. A newly reworked suspension with the shock damper hinged to the base and 11-inch wheels improve handling and comfort. Other new features include LED daylight running lights. The Primavera is available in four colours. They are Rosso Gragon (Red), Monte Bianco (White), Nera Vulcano (Black) and Azzuro Marichiano (Light Blue).

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