The Kawasaki H2R: 300hp is in fashion

It seems like something out of a science fiction fantasy. Except, it’s actually real. If you have ever ridden the latest near-200hp superbikes like the HP4 and Panigale, you will know that these power figures are pushing the envelope of sanity. But then here comes the H2R – and the power ante is upped by an unreal 50 per cent. But it’s not just that – the bike is achingly beautiful. When the covers were unfurled at Intermot yesterday, it was a sight to behold. A gorgeous steel trellis frame finished in metallic green proves that red is not the only color trellis frames look good in. A single sided swingarm with a beautiful 5-spoke rim design further gives the bike a sophisticated look. Liberal doses of carbon fibre are used in the fairing.x6l8itxhlil6pqrfadrk
The fairing incidently, features winglets that seem to be lifted off of something Batman would ride. Still, the most remarkable thing about this bike is it’s sheer brute power, produced by a supercharged, 998cc, inline four cylinder engine. To put things in perspective, this season’s MotoGP machine produces somewhere in the region of 270hp, and are supposed to be on the cutting edge of technology.  kawasaki-ninja-h2r-28Figures like 300hp are scary even on a sports car. On a less-than 200kg bike, we struggle to even comprehend how one would actually ride that one the road safely, which is perhaps why this motorcycle, while being a production bike – will not be road legal. It’s sibling, the H2 however, which will be road legal and unveiled at EICMA in a months’s time.


Engine Supercharged, in-line Four, liquid-cooled
Displacement 998cc
Supercharger Centrifugal, scroll-type
Maximum Power approx 300hp
Frame Trellis, high-tensile steel
Tires F: 120/600 R17 (racing slick)
R: 190/650 R17 (racing slick)

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