Is KTM really building a 390 Adventure?


Turns out, no. But no other bike has generated so much interest online as KTM’s rumoured Adventure 390. Supposed spy-shots and sketches alike have made their rounds on the internet. Why is the non-existent bike generating so much hype? Quite simply perhaps – because there is no other bike like it currently. The adventure bike segment consists mostly of tarted up, overweight behemoths on one end – and on the other end of the spectrum, you have the lightweight enduros converted for overlanding – like the KLX250s and CRF250s modified with racks. KTM’s 390 is an exciting prospect for an overlander because it slots in somewhere in between. Some would say it hits the sweet spot – combining lightness of weight with economy. In Malaysia particularly, it would make sense because it would be relatively affordable to purchase, and economical with fuel. These are two aspects that a Malaysian overlander would have as a priority. So what do we know so far about the supposed KTM Adventure 390?

1. KTM says they are not building one.

One of the most disheartening piece of news to come out this week is that KTM denies that they are building one.

Just 3 days before Asphalt and Rubber published this article about the KTM Adventure 390, an ADVPulse journo contacted KTM officials in Austria to get details for another article.  They responded with this statement:

“From a strategical point of view KTM always considers new developments and for this reason: never say no. But currently such models are not foreseen”

In short, KTM says that they are not building one. Kind of dissapointing isn’t it?

2. If KTM were indeed building one, it would be on an entirely different platform.

It would not be built on the existing KTM Duke 390 setup which is designed just for road. An Adventure would after all, even a smaller one – carry the Adventure branding. That would mean it would have to be one tough little machine worthy of a heritage befitting a long line of Dakar champions. It wouldn’t do KTM any good if it breaks doing things it wasn’t designed to do.

This seems to be the gist given by the KTM official, who said:

“…from a technical perspective other versions would require a complete different package. The existing layout can [be] used for Naked and Supersport models”

3. It is highly unlikely that the Adventure 390 will be launched at INTERMOT and EICMA.

Some sites reported these upcoming trade shows would be the venue for such a launch, but although bikes like the Ducati Scrambler are confirmed to be launched at these venues, there has been no word from KTM about such a launch. In fact, with this new revelation – the KTM Adventure 390 is effectively quashed. At least for the time being.

There has been huge interest generated on this model though, as evidenced by a Facebook page made by KTM fans. We won’t be surprised however, if KTM does actually decide to build one in the future soon. After all, it is rumoured that one of their biggest arch rivals, is already cooking something up in their design foundries.

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