Chris Pratt make great escape from dinos on a Triumph Scrambler

pratt Sometime next year, half way through the latest instalment of Jurassic Park known as Jurassic World, some of you guys and girls will catch a glimpse of an awesome motorcycle that Chris Pratt is riding and wonder what it is. prattWe at MATmoto anticipated this and wrote this article in advance so you guys and girls can watch the movie in peace, content in the knowledge that the bike Pratt is riding is a Triumph Scrambler, one of the coolest retro motorcycles currently being manufactured by Triumph right now. In one scene, Pratt can be seen riding the heck out of the Scrambler, right in the middle of what appears to be a herd of velociraptors with a gun slung over his back.$(KGrHqVHJBUE8+m6bef7BPUWtDhptQ~~60_57

We are not sure if Pratt can ace Steve McQueen, who pioneered cool on Triumphs in the 1960s, but we got to hand it to Pratt – nice try bro. Watch the full trailer of Jurassic World here:



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