LSM Suzi GS550 Tracker


The Suzuki GS550 is a popular choice for a lot of bikers building cafe racers and trackers in Malaysia. There was once a time when a good condition GS550 could be had for just RM4,000. Today, with demand skyrocketing for these rare bikes, a knocked up ‘running condition’ example can fetch up to RM15,000.gs13.jpg
Azmi Sarip, 33 chose the GS as the base for his tracker. He paid RM14,000 for the bike.
“I was looking for something that was easy to handle and proportionate to my body size. When I got the bike, the previous owner had converted it to a brat. There were no signals and lights, and if I recall correctly, there wasn’t even a mudguard,” he said.gs10.jpg
He decided to engage the help of LSM Motorcycles in Kampung Melayu Subang for his rebuild. He began building the bike up in 2013. He said he chose the tracker style because it was mean looking, and ‘you could use off-road tires on a tracker’.
Since then, Azmi has spent a total of RM15,000 for modifications and a full overhaul of the engine, among others.gs8.jpg
“I’ve ridden the bike to Kuala Pilah and Bentong with nary a problem,” said Azmi.
He said he was hooked on bikes since small – after seeing his uncle ride the Yamaha YP250 and Kawasaki KH250.gs6.jpg
“When I grew up, and had the money – I just had to buy a bike,” he said.
Future plans for Azmi include building another bike, a cafe-racer. This time something with a fairing.gs7
“I’m thinking of using an SR400 as a base for the next build,” he said.


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