The CBX750, the trusty workhorse of the Malaysian police seems an unlikely candidate for a cafe racer build. At first glance, the angular shape and chunky profile looks to be an awkward base to work with. However, the guys at Kerkus Cycles have managed to pull off an impressive build using one of these retired cop bikes. img_8286b
Azahar from Kerkus Cycles said that it took a month of designing and discussion with his team before they were up to the challenge.  He added that the team was at first skeptical that the CBX had potential to be a cafe racer. Initial research revealed there wasn’t much on the internet about cafe racer builds using the CBX as a base either. img_8304b

To make matters worse – cafe racers are usually built on bikes with what is known as a ‘foundation line’, or – an imaginary straight line that runs from front to rear under the tank and seat. It didn’t have that straight line at all. The tank was boxy and short, the front fairing was enormous, the front fork too tall, and the bike had a shaft drive,” said Azahar. img_8396b

But the guys at Kerkus are visionaries of sorts. They saw a vision through the tangle of wires, sirens and light, and got to work stripping the extraneous items. What remained was just the frame and the boxy in-line four engine, with it’s squarish cam covers.  From this base – the bike was rebuilt – starting off with a 1980 CB750 tank with a more graceful swoop.  img_8361bThen a slimmer top fairing was reinstalled in place of the gigantic wind walls that used to be bolted on the original CBX. The front fork was lowered 2.5 inches and a shorty megaphone muffler installed. The stock meter gauge was changed with separate speedo and rpm meters. Finally the bike was sent to the painters. img_8317b

Bigcat Motorart finished the bike in a combination of silver, black and brass – with the iconic M1-21 number on the rear.

Photo credit : Tun Anuarasikinatan

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