The DMD Geisha: A work of art to protect your head


There are beautiful helmets, and there are gorgeous ones – and the DMD Geisha falls in the latter category. Your motorcycle may already be a work of art. Sure doesn’t make sense to put it down with the wrong helmet.dmd-geisha
The Geisha, finished in a lovely, intricate old Japanese Geisha motif exudes a classy oriental persona, and would look absolutely fabulous paired with an old jap ride.
Priced at Euro 315, it is rather pricy, but as they say nothing good comes cheap.geisha-front-cr-800x600
DMD Helmets of Italy specializes in making 70s style vintage helmets.
According to them, the vintage 70s helmet “has made it a part of the motorcycle culture as the leather jacket.”
“Our main focus was to improve the original 70’s shell design and matching it with all the modern safety standards.”geisha-rear-cr-800x600
According to DMD, the company worked very hard to achieve the smallest homologated (ECE) shell existing in the market with a “perfect fit and maximum compactness”.

It can be purchased at

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