Monthly Archives: December 2014

In search of the real Malaysian Cafe Racer

IMG_0796 (Large)

With all the buzz about cafe racers in Malaysia, MATmoto sat down with a group of long time enthusiasts to define what exactly the word ‘Cafe Racer” means here. The venue was Pulp in Bangsar. Dressed in their leathers and arriving on their fabulous machines, they turned more than a few heads. After a round of drinks, the guys took off their leathers, loosened up – and told us all about the scene in Malaysia. Continue reading

A BMW for the working man: Just RM610 per month for a BMW F800R


With the exchange rate teetering, the price of petrol fluctuating and GST soon to be implemented, 2015 doesn’t look too rosy for motorcycle fans in Malaysia.
However, a new announcement by BMW Motorrad Malaysia has got a lot of people excited recently. The company announced a new innovative financing package that will bring their F800R within the reach of a lot of working class Malaysians.   Continue reading

Kunka Duke-T: KTM Duke 200 on Steroids


Up north in neighbouring Thailand, the KTM 390 and 200 are fast becoming a favourite for tuners and customisers. This pair is the work of Kunka and KTM Thailand. With the addition of Pirelli MT60r knobbies and some tidying up of the lines for off- road use – the bikes looks more like dual sports – ready to hit the toughest trails in Thailand. Continue reading

The KL Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2014 official video is so beautiful, it makes you proud to be Malaysian

We’ve seen many of the videos published after this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride from around the world.  But frankly nothing, we mean nothing  – comes close to this video filmed and edited by blackcollars studio with Sam Nazir Stonemortar and crew. In fact, it was so fantastic, that it even got a shout out from DGR founder, Mark Hawwa. Continue reading