Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Major and the old Z1000


Major Anuar Kamaruddin found the love of his life in Sungai Petani in 1986. He was an army officer at the Butterworth Air Force Base, serving with the five nation integrated air defence HQ. On one of his off days, he was riding to a friend’s place in Sungai Petani when he saw her – sitting beautifully in a shophouse in the dusty rural enclave. It was love at first sight. Continue reading

Bell Custom 500: A helmet with heritage


Retro bikes are in nowadays. Custom retros, café racers, trackers and bobbers. Even the big boys are joining the band wagon with at least one retro themed model in their stable. With retro bikes (or at least retro looking bikes), you will need retro helmets (or at least retro looking helmets) to complete the look. Continue reading