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Malaysia is 57 years old today. Dataran Merdeka is packed to the brim with people attending the National Day Parade. Dozens of policemen on ST1300s, VFR800s and even more on Ninja 300s are managing traffic to ensure that the parade goes on smoothly. Exactly 57 years ago, there were no Japanese bikes handling traffic duty on the streets around Stadium Merdeka.  Continue reading

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) KL 2014


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was first started in 2012. Mark Hawwa of Sydney Café Racers saw a picture of Don Draper (from the acclaimed TV series Mad Men) sitting on a classic Matchless. Hawwa thought about how bikers in general had such a bad rep and wondered what could make people view them as nicer people.  Continue reading

International Motorcycle Festival 2014


Date : 19 – 21 December 2014
Time : 10am- 10pm
Venue : Open Carpark, Stadium Bukit Jalil

Festivals, carnivals, gatherings. It seems every weekend there is an event going on these days. As the motorcycling community in Malaysia grows, so does the number of events for us bikers to attend to.  Continue reading

Kriega Drybag US20 AND US10


When travelling overnight on a bike trip,  you are bound to carry some luggage with you; clothes, personal hygiene stuff, flip flops (after a full day in your riding boots, this is next to heaven) and fresh underwear. If you don’t have panniers, a backpack is the next best bet. Some are comfortable carrying one on their backs, but most riders I know are not. Continue reading